Well, what to write in this section? Alas, I do not know =( I'm not going to praise myself, and I don't like to do it. I'd rather just write a brief info about my humble person .. something like a micro-questionnaire =). So...

A few facts about me

The real name is Artem (for people close to me - there are other options) The name on the network is DOOMer (however, sometimes it happens that I hide under other nicknames) The location is the nearest Moscow region. Respawn date.. Ugh, birth - it doesn't matter, somewhere there in the early 80s of the XX century... Hobbies - Internet, programming (Python lately), computer games, creating levels for the Quake series of computer games. Favorite computer games are Quake (1-3), DOOM (I and II), Baldur's Gate (1-3), Divinity series, StarCraft and WarCraft, Worms, the Elder Scrolls series and much more.


This is not a super mega project, but just my modest representation on the Internet, Something between a blog and a home page (a la the beginning of the 2000s). and a portfolio (if we apply this term to programming "creativity").

Periodically I will post my creatives here - both textual and graphically or binary. What the hell do I need it for?

It just like that - for yourself at least. Well, maybe someone else will be interested and useful:)


The site is written in the Python programming language using the Django web framework. And it's all running on a bundle of Nginx + Gunicorn running Debian Linux.

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